MAIMENG Corporate Space

A working and exhibition space of MAIMENG, a clothing brand based in Foshan, China, is situated beside an urban arterial road, which endows it with convenient transportation. However, the noisy surroundings are easily to interfere with activities in the space, which in fact needs a tranquil atmosphere and media to convey the brand image.

The space is inclusive, which brings in plants, daylight and rainwater while also accommodating the sounds and activities of users. The transition of space requires a gradual process that triggers the changes of sensory experiences. At the entrance, the designers created a long and twisting bridge-like passage, which slows users’ footsteps and opens up a new environment.

Blocks of different shapes including stairs, square and round structures are set at staggering heights. The entrance is hidden beside the rectangular block. The white tone of the simplistic cement finish creates a calming atmosphere.

On the second floor, discrete walls enclose a hollow-square-shaped corridor. The alternation of solidness and void as well as the separate yet connected relationship of walls produce a serene spatial ambience, and isolate the space from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

The circulation route in the space forms a loop, and people can freely pass through the gaps between screen walls. In this way, interior structures create a sense of fluidity within the space.

The hollow-square-shaped corridor is connected to the circular passageway surrounding the pool on the outdoor terrace, together forming a long art gallery. The overall interior design realizes shared and diversified functions, whilst endowing the space with infinite imagination and possibilities. It serves multiple purposes, including socializing, meditation, working, exhibition, new product release and more.

Natural elements nourish the space and artistic inspiration. Water, light and winds move in the space freely, and offer varying experiences. Those dynamic elements not only activate the space, but also help stimulate inspiration and at the same time embodies the care for human and life.

Several openings were carved out on the exteriors, to let daylight filter in. With different angles of projection, natural light produces varying mottled shadows on architectural and interior surfaces.

The space is oriented in north-south direction. Winds can pass the two openings on south and north sides of the cylindrical structure, and move upwards to 2F. The terrace offers cross ventilation, and enables winds to pass freely. Besides, the pool makes winds visible via the rippling water surface.

A large red cylinder erects in the space, connecting the two floors. And the basin above it brings rainwater into the interior space. Water falls down from 2F, with its sound echoing in the cylinder. The pool set at the open-air terrace area helps form a circular corridor, which echoes with the one in the interior space. It’s extended to interior, hence blurring the boundary between the inside and outside. With a large area, the pool is a part of the eco system of the interior space, contributing to enhancing its humidity and comfort. — Construction+ Online

Project Title

MAIMENG Corporate Space

Foshan, China
Completion Year

Gross Floor Area (GFA)
500 square metres
Design Firm

Lucien Organization – Masanori Designs
Principal Designer

Terry Xu

Zuanquan Huang
Construction Drawings

Decoration Design

Lucien Soft Decoration
Yujie Liu