Implementing Urban Renewal Project in a Land Resumption in Kowloon

Illustration photo by leungchopan/Shutterstock

Hong Kong, 6 May 2022 — The Lands Department announced the resumption of land at Kai Tak Road/Sa Po Road in Kowloon City to implement an urban renewal project.

The project was included in the Urban Renewal Authority’s Business Plan for 2018-19. With about a 6,106 square metres area, the project site will be redeveloped for residential use with retail/commercial facilities and underground ancillary parking and loading/unloading facilities. A sunken split-level plaza, an underground public vehicle park, and government, institution, or community facilities will also be provided within site, together with road improvement works. Its implementation will help improve the overall living environment of the area.

A total of 459 private property interests at the project site will be resumed under the Lands Resumption Ordinance. The affected interests will revert to the government on the expiration of three months from the date the resumption notices are affixed on-site.

Apart from statutory compensation, eligible owners of domestic properties will also be offered an ex gratia home purchase allowance or a supplementary allowance as appropriate. In addition, qualified domestic tenants will be offered rehousing to public rental housing units provided by the Hong Kong Housing Authority or the Hong Kong Housing Society or an ex gratia allowance.

Eligible commercial property occupiers, including owners and tenants, may opt for an ex gratia allowance instead of the right to claim statutory compensation for business and related losses.

Suppose statutory claims made by the affected owners and tenants of domestic and commercial properties under the Lands Resumption Ordinance cannot be settled by agreement. In that case, the owners and tenants may apply to the Lands Tribunal for adjudication. Professional fees reasonably incurred by the claimants in making such claims may be reimbursed by the government. — Construction+ Online

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