Implementing New Smart Production Line through Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme

Hong Kong, 9 November 2021 — The Hong Kong Government sees re-industrialisation as a potential new area of economic growth. To grasp the opportunities brought about by the fast development in information and communications technology (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), a spokesperson for the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) said that the Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme (RFS) had approved funding of HKD15 million for a project to implement a new smart production line for the production of instant noodle products in Hong Kong by a local food manufacturer to support the manufacturing and processing industry to set up new smart production lines in Hong Kong. The new smart production line will be set up in Tai Po Industrial Estate.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the funding agreement, the Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, Ms Rebecca Pun, said, “Since the launch of the RFS, about half of the applications were from the food manufacturing and processing industry, testifying to the huge potential the industry enjoys in moving towards re-industrialisation in Hong Kong. We will continue to support smart production and re-industrialisation of the local manufacturing and processing industry, strengthening the ‘Made in Hong Kong’ brand.”

Funded by the Re-Industrialisation Funding Scheme, Nissin Foods will set up a smart production line with robotics, sensors and smart systems with real-time monitoring of the production of instant noodles in the Nissin Plant at Tai Po Industrial Estate (visual provided by Nissin Foods Company Limited).

The approved total project cost is about HKD54 million and the manufacturer will contribute about HKD39 million. The project will adopt advanced manufacturing technologies and smart elements including automation, robotics and smart sensors, to set up a new smart production line to fully automate the production of instant noodles, enhancing production efficiency and capacity.

The RFS provides funding on a 1 (Government): 2 (company) matching basis to subsidise manufacturers to establish smart production lines in Hong Kong. The funding ceiling is one-third of the total project cost or HKD15 million, whichever is lower. Since the launch of the RFS in July last year, the ITC has received 27 applications. Among the 18 applications assessed by the RFS Vetting Committee, 16 were supported in principle, covering industries such as biotechnology, food manufacturing and processing and construction, printing, medical devices and nanofiber materials. The total funding amount is about HKD108 million.

The RFS is open for application throughout the year. Details are available at the Innovation and Technology Fund website. — Construction+ Online