HyD Signs Consultancy Agreement on Route 11 Investigation Study

The Director of Highways, Jimmy Chan (second right); and the Project Manager (Major Works) of the Highways Department, Luk Wai-hung (first right); with representatives from Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited at the agreement signing ceremony

Hong Kong, 24 September 2021 — The Highways Department (HyD) signed a consultancy agreement with Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited to carry out an investigation study on Route 11, a section between Yuen Long and North Lantau. The study is scheduled to commence on 27 September 2021.

Route 11 is a group of major roads from Lam Tei to North Lantau, routing through So Kwun Wat and Tai Lam Chung, which comprises Lam Tei Tunnel, Tai Lam Chung Tunnel, Tsing Lung Bridge and So Kwun Wat Link Road. Complemented by the proposed Tsing Yi-Lantau Link, the new roads will connect the Northwest New Territories (NWNT) to the urban areas to meet the anticipated traffic demand arising from the progressive development of the NWNT and to improve the current traffic conditions of major roads connecting the urban areas with the NWNT (including Tuen Mun Road, Tai Lam Tunnel and Ting Kau Bridge). With the improved road infrastructure, the development potential of relevant areas can be unleashed.

“We require the consultants to consider factors such as overall traffic benefits, time and available resources required for implementation, etc., in the study to plan the commissioning priority and determine the modes of implementation and contractual arrangements for the different sections of Route 11. We will also introduce suitable technology and innovative techniques so as to ensure that the project can be progressively completed and commissioned as early as possible, thereby benefiting the public with this key transport infrastructure as soon as possible,” said a spokesman for the HyD.

The consultancy agreement mainly comprises the investigation of Route 11 at full steam with a target to commissioning the entire group of major roads progressively by 2036. The investigation study covers a wide range of areas and contains a high level of technical content, including a review of the findings of previous studies, examination of alignments and design options, impact assessments on the environment, traffic, heritage, land and other related aspects and preliminary design and supervision of site investigation works.

The HyD will gazette the road scheme according to the Roads (Works, Use and Compensation) Ordinance and collect the views of different stakeholders. If the statutory procedures can be completed earlier, the detailed design and construction of the project can be commenced as early as possible. — Construction+ Online