How to grow your business and improve customer satisfaction with hyper-automation

A guide for Facility Management service providers

The disruption brought about by the pandemic in the past year is unlikely to cease anytime soon. Facility Management (FM) service providers are faced with even more uncertainty moving forward. With the disrupted economy remaining pervasive in 2021, the way we go about business, which include acquiring, providing services and maintaining loyalty among clients will become more challenging.

A hyper-automation strategy can be a solution to tackle these challenges head on, as it enables organisations to better respond to future disruptions, meet customer expectations and fulfil important business objectives in the years to come.

Planon releases a white paper, in cooperation with KPMG, to guide FM service providers in moving towards a hyper-automated organisation. It covers:

  • Current trends impacting the FM service provider market
  • How hyper-automation will benefit FM service providers
  • Insights from KPMG on the importance of process mining for hyper-automation
  • Best practices for getting started with hyper-automation

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