Housing Authority sets rents for three new PRH blocks

Housing facade | Image by hanohiki/Shutterstock

A total of 2,553 flats in three new non-standard blocks of two of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA)’s existing public rental housing (PRH) estates are tentatively scheduled for completion between October and December 2020. Their rents will be set at the best rent levels in the Urban District.

The best rent for public rental housing flats in the Urban District has been adjusted in September to HKD93.80 per square metre per month. This rate will apply to all the flats in this phase. They include 1,110 flats in Choi Wo House of Choi Fook Estate in Kwun Tong and 1,443 flats in Hoi Wah House and Hoi Cheong House of Hoi Tat Estate in Cheung Sha Wan.

“Under this rent-fixing exercise, rents of over 51 per cent of the flats are below HKD2,500 per month,” a spokesman for the HA said on 30 September 2020. He added that PRH rents—which are inclusive of rates, management fees and maintenance costs—are heavily subsidised.

“PRH applicants who are allocated new flats but cannot afford the rents may request refurbished flats at lower rents, and they may also apply for assistance under the Rent Assistance Scheme for flats in older block types where applicable,” the spokesman added. — Construction+ Online