Hangzhou Zijingang Paradise Walk

Located at the West Lake district in Hangzhou, China, this retail development sits along the banks of Wulitang, overlooking the mystic river and surrounding landscapes.

The overall design captures key essence from the traditional Hangzhou Hui architecture, which embodies elegance, conciseness and magnificence. The shaved roofs mimic the iconic Hui-styled roof, making the mall a local landmark that is hard to miss.

Inspired by the Chinese ink painting concept of liu bai (leaving the canvas blank), courtyards are used to provide ample space for visitors to enjoy a breather and unwind. The northwest corner is intentionally set aside as a hanging Zen courtyard, with access to views towards the Wulitang River.

Materials such as aluminium panels, fair-faced concrete and engineered wood will be procured locally. These are chosen based on their subdued colour palette and attributes that echo with the essence of traditional Hui architecture.

With the Wulitang River on its northern side, the site is only accessible from three sides, which limits its street frontage. Hence, the building is intentionally pushed back away from the river, creating an internal courtyard plaza with restaurants and bars, al fresco platforms and open-air F&B terraces, turning a site constraint into a value-added element.

Site research indicated a lack of leisure and wellness facilities in the neighbourhood to serve the local community, which comprises predominantly young families and students from Zhejiang University. Taking into account the site consideration, the design team animated the upper-level retail spaces, as well as the rooftop, which is often neglected in retail developments.

Hence, the 68,000-square-metre leisure and wellness lifestyle mall serves as a community hub for the residents of Zijin Port area. It offers a broad range of retail and entertainment facilities, including a fitness centre, spa, tai chi garden meditation courtyard, indoor playground and IMAX cinema. A rooftop infinity pool and wellness centre form an urban oasis.

Project Name: Hangzhou Zijingang Paradise Walk
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Expected Completion: 2019
Site Area: 47,713 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 68,000 square metres
Building Height: 6 storeys
Client/Developer: Longfor Properties Co Ltd
Architecture Firm: LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd
Principal Architect: Ferdinand Cheung
Interior Design Firm: LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd
Principal Designer: Jojo Wang
Civil & Structural Engineer: TMSK Hangzhou
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Tian Hua Design Institute
Lighting Consultant: Leox Design
Landscape Architect: FLO studio
Images: LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd