GBACNA Celebrates Green Building Practitioners

Hong Kong is one of the world’s 30 mega cities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). With nearly 70 per cent of its carbon emissions coming from electricity generation, building-related activities account for up to 90 per cent of Hong Kong’s total electricity consumption.

The 2019 policy address set government-wide green energy target for the first time, increasing energy performance of government buildings and infrastructure by six per cent from 2024 to 2025. Therefore, low-carbon transformation comprising green buildings is the way to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.


Aiming at celebrating the industry’s decarbonisation milestone, a photo book launch and awardees sharing session were organised by Greater Bay Area Carbon Neutrality Association (GBACNA) on 10 May 2023, following the GBA Low Carbon Buildings TOP 100 Award presented in previous year.

According to Dennis Wu, Founding President of GBACNA, the association serves as a platform to foster cross-sector collaborations towards carbon neutrality in the region. In line with that, the event gathered a line-up of experts including Wong, Chuen-fai, J.P., Commissioner for Climate Change from the Environment and Ecology Bureau; Chan, Pak-Cheung, Assistant Director (Building Services) of Architectural Services Department; and Dr Cheung, Tin-cheung, Chairman from the Hong Kong Green Building Council to share their insights on decarbonisation in the built environment in GBA.

Meanwhile, the sharing session featured four awardees, namely Johnny Yu, Ching-yan, Advisor to Chairman from Henderson Land Development Company Limited; Dr Raymond Yau Man-hung, General Manager of Technical Services and Sustainable Development from Swire Properties Limited; Don Tse, Assistant General Manager in Technical Services of Property Management from Hongkong Land Limited; and Lewis Lam, Y.H, Deputy General Manager (Property Management) from Kai Shing Management Services Limited.

Yu spoke about solar responsive ventilator, solar desiccant and electricity consumption monitoring system adopted in The Henderson and H Zentre, while Dr Yau illustrated a cloud-based energy management system via Taikoo Place. Subsequently, Tse shared the use of smart-metering in projects covering Exchange Square; Jardin House; Landmark; and Alexandra House. Meanwhile, Lam discussed about Internet of Things (IoT) platform, using International Commerce Centre (ICC) as an example. —Construction+ Online وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد