Fuzhou Taihe Qingyun Sales Center

Ge ling, which is located in Fuzhou, has a beautiful scenery. Confucian culture here also flourished in the Song dynasty as the forms of cultivation, meditation and travel began to take shape.

In designing Fuzhou Taihe Qingyun Sales Center, Shanhejinyuan Art Design, cleverly integrate the local natural scenery and Confucian culture and create a world-class cultural tourism background sales center through the extraction of Chinese landscape courtyard spirit. Guests can enjoy a leisurely vacation while meditating and touring.

The design team extend the design concept of Chinese classical garden into the interior and introduce the most instinctive feeling of nature into the space as a symbol. The essence of this case lies in the subtle impact on the inner emotions brought by the space for the guests.

The overall space of sand table area is grand and open. A vaulted ceiling covering the entire space and the champignon flower droplight that hangs down let whole space have luxuriant and composed temperament.

Wooden bookshelves as a background wall throughout the space build a kind of abstract and refined space artistic conception and give the project a concrete cultural symbol. Only when the form of the project is rooted in the cultural background of its environment can the emotion conveyed by the work and its own artistic quality be presented at the same time.

Shanhejinyuan Art Design integrates the bones and colors of the traditional Chinese space with the modern life aesthetics and takes dark wood color, mica color as the space color advocate fundamental key. The red, blue soft cloth art and neutral colors that adorn the local space make the whole space full of vitality and dignified and elegant.

The design team chooses the local handicraft peony embroidery as the screen decoration. Therefore, space is endowed with strong humanistic feelings. Guests can stroll through the circular walkways while appreciating the different spatial shapes of the building as the perspective changes. During the stroll, guests can feel the quiet and reserved cultural temperament of Confucianism.

In the meanwhile, the design team believes in the value of traditional culture and wants them to be inherited. Everyone who is deeply influenced by the profound connotation of Oriental artistic conception will have a pure land in his heart. They are eager to find the real habitat of body and mind after the prosperity.

The guests are in the space with Chinese artistic conception, drinking tea and burning incense to meditate. In this place they abandon impetuosity and weariness and begin a self-examination.

The historical deposits of Chinese culture and modern people’s demands for life jointly shape this space with no restlessness of worldly life. Exploring the essential relationship between human and space design, leading a more valuable lifestyle and introducing the concept of ‘returning to the essence of life’ into the domestic real estate industry are the beliefs that Shan He JinYuan will adhere to forever. — Construction+ Online

Project Name

Fuzhou Taihe Qingyun Sales Center
Fuzhou, China
Completion Year
Taihe Group
Shanhejinyuan Art Design, China
Design Team

Wei Zhao, Xin Liu, Xiaoqing Dai, Nabuqi Bao, Xiaofen Liu, Chao Jiang
Shi Yunfeng