EQ Hotel: A different dimension of luxury.

In Kuala Lumpur’s dazzling Golden Triangle, a new architectural icon is slowly taking shape. Plaza Equatorial Hotel (EQ Hotel) is a 53-storey mixed-development project that is bedazzling the world even from its blueprint. It’s a mesmerizing redesign of the original 18-storey hotel on Jalan Sultan Ismail with two sections–a podium for a hotel and a tower for offices. Drawing inspiration from the 1973 original build with a jewelled motif embossed in the concrete cladding, it creates a distinctive pattern in glass and metal. Yet more understatedly, it celebrates a rich past destined to meet the potential of the nation’s present skyline.

The tower creates an illusion of the hotel and office sections as individual entities while both sections remain connected. On the outside, the facade’s pattern presents a blurred visual of a programmatic horizontal stacking order with solid panels designed from the inside out. EQ Hotel is a modern-day masterpiece filled with intricacies that intrigue.

Of course, whenever there is an iconic name that takes centerstage, there’s always Jotun in the backdrop. As the leading paint company in the world, Jotun has been synonymous with the greatest landmarks around the world. The association with EQ Hotel, therefore, is not only born out of an angle of luxury but also as a necessity to preserve and protect the structure’s eternal appeal. As a single-source solution with decades of game-changing expertise, Jotun brings a remarkable range of the finest green protective coatings and innovations that match the intentions of this prestigious green building. With an extensive and robust network that spans across different countries, Jotun guarantees a smooth and seamless process of cross border collaboration filled with ideas of ingenuity and creativity.

Ever since it was founded over 100 years ago in the town of Sandefjord Norway, Jotun has passionately preserved and protected the beauty and strength of structures across the world. It has never stopped raising the benchmark in innovation, technology and research while ensuring that iconic buildings and beautiful homes always stand the test of time. Not surprisingly, Jotun continues to be a preferred partner of many when it comes to scaling new heights of excellence in any corner of the world.

– Construction+ Online