Environmentally friendly transport services feasibility study in Ha Tsuen New Development Area

On 29 October 2019, Hong Kong government briefed the Transport Advisory Committee (TAC) on the stage one findings and recommendations for an Environmentally Friendly Transport Services (EFTS) feasibility study in the Ha Tsuen New Development Area (NDA) and adjacent.

The Ha Tsuen NDA will be a next generation new town, envisioned to serve as a regional economic and civic hub for the Northwest New Territories, accommodating many diverse economic activities, creating impetus for the economic development of the region.

A highly efficient and convenient EFTS is essential to serve the population of the NDA, as well as to promote a thriving local economy and foster its development.

“Members support the use of Green and efficient public transport modes for providing services to support internal movement among the development clusters within the NDA and connect the NDA with nearby developments. [They] also expressed views on the three shortlisted public transport modes, namely the automated people mover, Green bus system and the modern tram,” the TAC Chairman Professor Stephen Cheung said.

In addition, TAC members were also briefed on the initiative of toll waiver for tunnels and Lantau Link as announced in the 2019 Policy Address. ― Construction+ Online

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