Eco Green

“Green Builds Green” has always been the mission of the Eco-Green Group. With over 500 different scale or Building Department approved projects in past 12 years, we have built many high quality green cities while making every effort in preserving the natural and eco-environment.

VertoGreen Planting Tray System SV-8125 and VertoGreen Planting Cell System SV-8475 are proprietary vertical green systems solely developed by Eco-Green Group. With the aid of these systems, meeting the requirement of Building Department no longer becomes an obstacle.

VertoGreen Planting Tray System SV-8125 allows designers to create distinctive vertical green with incredibly diverse plantings being hung onto different types and sizes of wall. For instance, it can be applied on either small accent walls or large-scale walls which can sometimes cover the entire façade of a building. What is more, it can be customized for use on curved walls, corners or any wall profile upon request.

VertoGreen Planting Cell System SV-8475 is a type of planting panels that is 125mm thick with Robust Soil PT filing up the internal void. Robust Soil PT is a consolidated lightweight planting media which is pH-stabilized and boasts an excellent capability of retention of moisture and nutrients, which in turn facilitates healthy plant growth. It is a good retention propertiy for fertilizers with 10 years warranty.

The modular units of SV-8125 & SV-8475 are made by metal and both systems are suitable for any sky-rise buildings. Please contact them to find out more about the systems they offer and the benefits of their vertical green.