Construction of Isolation and Treatment Facilities in Lok Ma Chau Loop Carried Out at Full Speed

Hong Kong, 4 March – The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has announced that construction for the community isolation and treatment facilities in the Lok Ma Chau Loop will progress at full speed.

The project at the Lok Ma Chau Loop location is one of nine designated to increase the number of such isolation centres within a short period of time. For that it receives full government support and the HKSAR Government expresses gratitude to the Central Government for designating China Construction Science and Industry Corporation to be responsible for the relevant works. The project in the Lok Ma Chau Loop involves the building of a hospital for emergency use with about 1,000 beds, as well as community isolation and treatment facilities providing roughly an additional 10,000 beds.

Due to the critical nature of the project, temporary bridges are built in the area of the Loop connecting to the Shenzhen boundary. This is to allow point-to-point conveyance of construction personnel and materials between the fenced-off work sites of both areas in the shortest time.

The temporary bridges will be dismantled after the completion of works. The Development Bureau, the Security Bureau and relevant departments will provide necessary assistance while ensuring effective boundary control, so that the emergency hospital and relevant facilities can be completed as soon as possible.

Various relevant HKSAR government departments are now working closely to carry out the construction works of various anti-epidemic and relevant facilities in full swing. – Construction+ Online وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد