CIC’s New Webinar Series Urges the Industry to Raise Site Safety Awareness

The start of the new year saw the Construction Industry Council (CIC) launching a new webinar series that will be held on the third Wednesday each month, to raise practitioners’ awareness of the latest construction safety information. The first webinar titled Fatal Zone Management was held in January 2023 with representatives from project owners, contractors and technology companies sharing experiences on enhancing safety awareness in fatal zone management.

In the opening remarks, Ir Thomas Ho, Chairman of the CIC, said that it is saddening to see over 20 lives lost in accidents in 2022. The industry must learn from mistakes and should implement Design for Safety at sites; plan better safety management measures throughout the construction cycle; and promote smart site safety with the adoption of technologies. Every temporary work site should also carry out safety measures comprehensively throughout the process.

He also reminded that the coming few weeks will be critical as many workers have taken leave over the long Chinese New Year holiday. All management staff, including frontline supervisors and top management, should set a good example by visiting their sites and performing safety checks. Additionally, construction work should be halted if there are not enough workers on-site. A thorough review on safety equipment and risk management must be carried out to avoid any pitfalls.

During the webinar, the guests suggested that contractors apply for the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund for assistance in leveraging construction technologies to enhance site safety. Moreover, all stakeholders, including clients and contractors, should share the responsibility to achieve zero accidents at sites. —Construction+ Online

Source: Construction Industry Council