Chinachem Group launched ‘Enertainer’ battery storage system to improve the construction sites and environment

Donald Choi and Brandon Ng

Committed to fostering sustainable development and making Hong Kong a more liveable city, Chinachem Group has introduced Enertainer, a battery storage system, to improve the environment of its construction sites and surrounding areas.

The Group is the first real estate developer in Hong Kong to make use of the Enertainer system which replaces traditional diesel generators, thereby enabling developers to promote the use of clean energy on construction sites and fully implement the concept of green building.

Enertainer is the first purpose-built construction energy storage system in the world. It has been developed by Ampd Energy, an incubatee of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. Compared with diesel generators, Enertainer is smaller in size, nearly silent, will not emit dark smoke from burning diesel, and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 85 per cent or up to 200 tonnes per year. It can effectively lessen the air pollution – the equivalent to removing 200 to 400 passenger cars from the road, noise and fire risk caused by diesel generators on construction sites.

Enertainer battery storage

“Chinachem Group attaches great importance to ​​sustainable development and is dedicated to incorporating the concept of sustainable development into its core businesses, creating positive value for people, the community and the environment as it shapes the city. As the first real estate developer in Hong Kong to introduce Enertainer, we hope to promote clean energy and the sustainable development of Hong Kong, while also supporting start-ups in their innovation and technology development. Enertainer has been applied first on the Anderson Road project site and will be extended to our other development projects,” said Donald Choi, Executive Director and Group CEO of Chinachem Group.

“When we learnt of Chinachem’s Triple Bottom Line of people, prosperity and profit, we knew we had a natural partner. Ampd is driven entirely by our vision of an emission free future for construction and to do this at scale, we know we need to make products that are better in every way and that deliver tangible results for our customers. We are very excited to be working with Chinachem, as the first developer in Hong Kong to adopt this technology and look forward to continue contributing toward Chinachem’s Triple Bottom Line on future projects,” added Brandon Ng, CEO of Ampd Energy. — Construction+ Online