China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Centre

Bird’s eye view

WSP Architects have designed a large exhibition and convention centre for the annual China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), the largest in the industry. Given the scale of the project, it is already an important landmark in the central urban axis of Wuhan. Located between a central business hub of high-rise office buildings and a quieter area near the base of Jiufeng Mountain, the designers strategically placed more public exhibition, transaction, and office areas in the busier southern part of the complex, while membership and residential services were angled facing the mountain.

While the land available was only around five hectares, a large convention and exhibition centre able to accommodate over 1200 standard stands as well as an affiliated hotel had to fit on the site. The project therefore optimises space and light to the maximum. Two blocks – the convention and exhibition centre and the Global Public Procurement Transaction Service Centre – are connected by a terrace on the top floor, integrating the entire complex, but using vertical transportation innovations to integrate public transport routes through the centre. The first two of the three floors contain six exhibition halls that than adapt to form larger combined halls, the third used for conferences.

The central hub of the complex is a reception hall that connects the two exhibition floors. Measuring over 250 metres in length, it was placed so that natural daylight could be used to best potential. Its façades consist of high-transparency glass and suspension cables, to this end. Light is further optimised and maintained through strategic white external sun-shading mesh frames that block excessive sunlight and heating – reducing energy consumption. Further geometric metal trussing means that air conditioning needs are reduced by 30 per cent. LED light strips integrated into these frames transform these shades into a light show at night, creating a translucent glittering effect visible inside and out.

Project Name: China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Centre
Location: Wuhan, China
Status of Construction: Completed
Completion Date: June 2017
Site Area: 54,362 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 96,513 square metres
Number of Units: 1429
Developer: 国采(武汉)会展投资建设有限公司
Architecture Firm: WSP Architects
Images: WSP Architects