Celebration of BIM Achievement 2022 Encourages the Adoption of Digitalisation

Co-organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Development Bureau, the Celebration of BIM Achievement (CBA) 2022 event was held on 19 October 2022 to recognise and share the achievements of organisations and practitioners for bringing building information modelling (BIM) to its full potential.

The 67 winners were selected from seven categories, including BIM Projects; BIM Organisations; BIMers; BIM Training & R&D Organisations; Student BIM Projects; Most improved BIM Organisations; and Eminent BIM Drivers.

“BIM has been proven to reduce the project time, cost and manpower,” Ir Thomas Ho, Chairman of CIC, said at the CBA 2022, “I hope BIMers can unlock the full potential of BIM by integrating it with other innovative tools and technologies, and by extending and expanding the use of BIM across the total asset life, very likely with an integrated common data environment (CDE).”

Ir Roger Wong, Deputy Secretary for Development (Works) 2, stated that BIM is one of the key areas of digitalisation initiatives for the construction industry and it is responding to the development needs of Hong Kong. The wider adoption of BIM will not only increase productivity and reduce waste, but will also help make the local construction industry more attractive to the younger generation.

According to Ar. Prof. Ada Fung, Chairperson of Committee on BIM of CIC, they have set a target for all projects with the contract value of HK$300 million or above to fully adopt digitalisation by 2026, including digital works supervision system (DWSS), BIM and CDE.

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Source: Construction Industry Council (CIC)