Buildings Department Launches Stage 2 of Electronic Submission Hub

Image by the Buildings Department

Stage 2 of the Electronic Submission Hub (ESH), launched by the Buildings Department (BD) on 31 March 2023, accepts more types of plan submissions, which cover hoarding, covered walkway and gantry; demolition works; drainage works; excavation and lateral support works; ground investigation works; foundation works; site formation works; and all structural works.

This was preceded by the launch of Stage 1 of the ESH in June 2022 to receive and process building plans and related applications under the Buildings Ordinance (Cap. 123) (BO).

A total of 16 government departments and organisations including the BD will make use of the ESH to receive and process plans submitted by registered building professionals under the BO.

Meanwhile, the BD will continue to develop Stage 3 of the ESH, which will accept all types of plans including those of general building and alteration and addition works.

For details of the requirements for making electronic submissions, please visit the BD’s website: —Construction+ Online

Source: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region