Beijing Fashion Factory Courtyard B

Courtyard B building facade and landscape

Inspired by the textiles and patterns of the fashion industry, the Beijing Fashion-Factory rejuvenates a former industrial site into a diverse collective of creative work spaces. Inspired from the fashion designer’s palette, the interwoven nature of fabric is leveraged as a design driver defining the various interior and exterior spaces, connectivity and separation.

Continuous Linear Geometry

The design plays with the idea of the stitch at the macroscale as an architectural language. The simple deployment of the line and arch creates continuous linearity throughout the space, sewing together the facade of one building, through the plane of the courtyard into the facade. These simple and repetitive moves develop a strong rhythm and gesture to the space and leverages a simple kit of parts for ease of fabrication and construction.

The use of the industrial expanded steel mesh grants a feeling of softness to the otherwise hard geometries of the classic architectural formations. Reading differently between night and day, the mesh reads as a solid and continuous form during the day, creating regional definitions and subdivisions. While at night, the backlit mesh glows as a continuously stitched line through the courtyard and upwards towards the sky. This reinvention of the space as a twisting linear stitch further enhances the space as …read more

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Project Title
Beijing Fashion Factory — Courtyard B
Beijing, Chaoyang District, Changying Area
Completion Date
Gross Floor Area
12,000 square metres
Valley Elite Group
Architecture Firm
AntiStatics Architecture
Principal Architect
Martin Miller, Mo Zheng & Yasser Hafizs
Design Team
Theodorius E. D. Santoso, Christopher Beckett, Annie Liu, Arthur Yang, Ao Li & Xue Han
Shenzhen Ju Hao Engineer
Facade Fabricator
Shenzhou Chang Tian Construction
AntiStatics Architecture