BCI Asia IDA Winner Recipients Awarded at the BCIAA Hong Kong 2020/21

The BCI Asia Awards 2020/21 Hong Kong was held on 18 November 2021 at the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel. The award celebrates leading accomplishments and milestones in the industry, including the BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2020 Hong Kong recipients, presented to:

Greenland Primus Resort & Apartments by B+H/CHIL

Situated in Yuelan Bay, Sanya, with a mountain backdrop, the Greenland Primus Resort & Apartment provides modern travelers a peaceful and relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle on Hainan Island. The interior design strikes a careful balance between nature and the modernity, inspired by the surrounding coastline topography and Hainan’s pearl history …read more

Revitalization of Former Fanling Magistracy by Architecture Commons Limited

Revitalization of FFM relies on human centric programming, in which we played a pivotal role to shape with HKFYG. Like all courthouses FFM has separate circulations for the public, the prisoners, and the legal staff. The intertwining staircases and corridors are reconfigured to accommodate a clear conservation interpretation path for the public that works in tandem with the educational programme of the Institute. Three of the four jail cells were converted to mixed reality and AR workshops, while the fourth one was kept with it original flavor …read more

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