Achieving Digital Transformation with BuildSpace

Embrace the change, transform for the better!

Construction industry is a massive complex industry which involves multiple people from different department and across multiple disciplines, working together to make a development a reality. Due to the complexity of the industry, BuildSpace aim to turn construction industry into an easier sector to venture into. We are looking into revolutionising this industry and driving towards Industry Revolution 4.0 alongside other developing countries. Not only that, we are looking into cultivating a transparent work culture within construction practitioner while optimizing cost efficiency via reducing manual errors and improving time management.

The current working environment although involve computerization, it is still not up to a complete digital industry. This is because, whenever someone from the firm made edits on the documents, the other party cannot touch the document at the same time. This creates a downtime even though the other person is aiming to make amendments or add new things into other parts of the documents. BuildSpace as a game changing service that promotes an automated and cloud-based project management platform. This means that the users are able to collaborate on the same documents throughout the project

Moreover, at BuildSpace, we celebrate the collaboration between vast network of construction personnel in our system by providing a platform in which our users from various background and responsibilities can cooperate and collaborate in order to achieve common goals. Our system is a secured cloud-based solution. Thus, we are able to offer this service to all our users as long as they have an internet connection, this would also give an added advantage that all works can be carried out online no matter where our users is. This also reduces inefficiency throughout the entire construction process which is important since construction is a catalyst to near all industry in the world.

In a nutshell, BuildSpace is a consultant which help our users in achieving digital transformation in construction management. No more manual and lengthy double handling work that will further delay the construction workflow while cultivating a more discipline and systematic work throughout the process. By taking into account on our vast network of users and major players in the construction industry along their verdict and response, we believe that we are definitely heading for digital world and together with our users, we shall expand and excel into a brighter future


– Construction+ Online