2 Murray Road

Located in the heart of Hong Kong central business district, a redevelopment project in Murray Road is replacing a multi-storey car park to create an urban oasis adjacent to Chater Garden within a short walking distance to Central and Admiralty MTR station.

The building features curved glass facade to enhance the seamless connectivity between the  interior, surrounding gardens and city beyond. Its base is elevated to provide space for sheltered courtyards and gardens. Echoing the organic forms of the natural world, it creates new public plazas that flow into the generous communal spaces of the interior.


The design reinterprets the structural forms of a blossoming Hong Kong orchid tree. High-tensile steel structure provides 26-metres wide span of column-free, Grade A office space with 5 metres floor-to-floor height giving maximum flexibility. Its vertical core is located on the eastern side of the building to provide views of Chater Garden and the city’s renowned skyline to the west.

Started in 2019, a top-down construction method is employed to accelerate the redevelopment programme by working on deep basement and above-ground simultaneously. Material choice for this project emphasized carbon reductions and the use of recycled materials by integrating the advanced design, construction and operational technologies.


Designed to withstand the region powerful summer typhoons, the facade is comprised four-ply, double-laminated, double-curved insulated glass units, the first of their kind in Hong Kong, to effectively insulate the building thus reducing cooling load as well as providing high resilience against strong wind.

The building smart management system, equipped with AI-assisted elevator control, creates a contactless pathway for all occupants from the street to their workstation that eliminates direct contact with communal surfaces. Using a mobile phone, contactless smart card or biometric recognition, occupants can enter the building, pass security, call lifts to their office floor and access other zones such as lounge areas and washrooms.


The design has achieved LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum pre-certification together with the highest 3-star rating of China’s Green Building Rating Program. The design, procurement and construction aspects target full certification at occupancy. Reduction in energy consumption required by these certifications is achieved through various technologies involved in the building operational.

Featuring hybrid ventilation, controlled by the building automated management system, enables all office levels to be naturally ventilated. When required, this natural ventilation can be supplemented with mechanical dehumidification and filtration to further enhance the indoor environment and air quality.

The building air quality monitoring system will detect the degree of occupancy in all area and automatically adjust indoor air temperature, humidity and fresh air volume to meet the demand. These smart systems will accurately predict daily occupancy trends to further increase efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption.

Two weather stations installed at street and roof level will monitor real-time outdoor conditions including PM10, PM2.5, ozone, solar irradiation, wind speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity and noise. This information then will be relayed to inform occupants of outdoor air quality and to the building automated management system to adjust the  hybrid ventilation as required, ensuring the optimum supply of high-quality outdoor air.

The redevelopment also incorporates a solar responsive ventilator along the western perimeter of each floor. Powered by photovoltaics, the low speed, silent SRV creates a channel of air to adjust the solar radiative heat. This feature, along with insulated glass façade, serves to reduce energy consumption and occupants’ comfort.

A total of 26 per cent reduction in electricity demand will be achieved with these technologies along with the use of smart chiller plant optimisation, high-efficiency HVAC equipment and daylight sensors that reduce artificial lighting during periods of sufficient natural light…read more


Project Name: 2 Murray Road
Location :Murray Road, Hong Kong
Status of Construction: Under construction
Expected Completion: 2022
Gross Floor Area: 43,200 square metres
Building Height: 190 metres (36 levels including ground, 5 below ground)
Client/Owner/Developer: Henderson Land
Architecture Firm: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)
Local Architecture Firm: Ronald Lu & Partners
Principal Designer: Patrik Schumacher
Project Directors: Jim Heverin, Sara Klomps & Chris Lepine
Building Services Engineering: WSP Asia
Structural & Geotechnical Engineering: LERA Consulting Structural Engineers (Steel); C M Wong & Associates; Eckersley O’Callaghan Asia (Footbridges & Banquet Hall)
Facade Engineering: Group 5F & Meinhardt Facade Technology (Hong Kong)
Sustainability & Civil Engineering: Arup
Quantity Surveyor: Rider Levett Bucknall
Lighting Consultant: LichtVision & Speirs + Major (Landscape & Media Façade)
Landscape Architect: PWP Landscape Architecture & Earthasia
Traffic Consultant: MVA (Hong Kong)
Acoustic Consultant: Shen Milsom & Wilke
Vibration Consultant: C.F. Ng and Associates
Security Consultant: UCS Hong Kong
Signage & Wayfinding Consultant: Atelier Pacific
Images: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)