The Rameh Fugang

The Rameh Fugang
Entrance to the community kitchen

This student project features a Eurasian lifestyle-themed community kitchen in Singapore.

The Rameh Fugang means the ‘Gathering Kitchen’ in the Kristang language. The kitchen offers a space for families, Eurasian Families especially, to cook meals together. Children participate in the process with their parents—an indirect way of passing on culture to the next generation in the context of food. It also provides the experience of a typical afternoon for Eurasians and a platform for families to socialise.

The community kitchen will be located at the Sam @8Q building in Bras Basah, between Waterloo Street and Queen Street, which was a part of the first Eurasian Enclave in Singapore. The Sam @8Q building, which was formerly the primary school wing of the Catholic High School, is currently home to changing contemporary art exhibitions, including a popular annual children’s art exhibition. As a result, families would already be familiar with the site and area.

The Rameh Fugang

The space is divided into a dining area, flanked by a bakery, with a three-part kitchen

The programme includes a community kitchen (The Fugang), a bakery (The Afternoon Tea) serving signature Eurasian snacks, and a dining/seating area (The Rameh) for families to dine together.

The kitchens are laid out in a way that is playful and effective for families, with double chair heights around the kitchen island to aid the learning process. The 30-metre-long kitchen is divided into three separate spaces for different cuisines. To avoid blocking off or cluttering each section, the set-up of each kitchen is identical, just differentiated with distinctive accent colours. This allows an open circulation between each space and creates a big picture view of the community kitchen.

The existing columns in the building are placed in a way that results in a narrow hallway and an asymmetrical layout. This hallway is transformed into a dining space where the columns now frame each seating area seamlessly.

The spatial structure of the dining/seating area was developed based on a Eurasian calendar in 3D. The special events for the community in the year are marked down in a calendar grid, creating shapes that are then folded in a certain manner to form the structure base of the space.

The use of cherry wood and Terrazzo Veneziano promote a welcoming, homey and playful ambience.

Student Name: Kirana Ariana Gunawan
School: Nanyang Academy of Fine  Arts (NAFA), Singapore
Programme: Diploma in Design  (Interior and Exhibition)
Supervisor/Instructor: Sabrina Long  (Dean, School of Art & Design)
Project Name: The Rameh Fugang
Project Year: 2018
Location: SAM @8Q, 8 Queen St, Singapore
Gross Floor Area: 886 square metres
Building Height: 2 storeys
Images: NAFA

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