Terminal 4 Changi Airport

 The Heritage Zone: a showcase of Singapore’s local culture and architectural heritage Winner, Socialising Category | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2019 Sin...

The Heritage Zone: a showcase of Singapore’s local culture and architectural heritage Winner, Socialising Category | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2019 Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 (T4) delivers the future of airport terminals with its state-of-the-art and user-friendly facilities and timeless design.

The design vision for T4 was carefully crafted after intense study of existing airport passenger behaviours and a desire to celebrate Singapore’s personality.

The result is a ‘future-ready’ terminal that offers a vibrant immersive experience, with pockets of surprises.

The terminal’s interior pays detailed attention to architectural structures, soft finishing, lighting effects and ergonomic and passenger-friendly furniture and facilities.

A contemporary petal motif—based on the orchid, Singapore’s national flower—appears ubiquitously in various locations, from the skylights to the marble flooring and carpets, creating a coherent design language.

With an abundance of skylights and glass walls, T4 not only provides an ambient daytime experience but also simulates a natural environment for more than half a million plants and trees, spread across 2,000 square metres of landscaping.

The Boulevard of Trees along the departure corridor, for one, consists of more than 160 ficus trees.

TRANSPARENCY OF SPACE The Benoy design team identified key moments in the passeger’s journey to find ways to reduce stressors in wayfinding, immigration and security, and general sense of place.

Oversized signages, centralised security screening and open spaces help passengers move through the terminal effortlessly.

In the departure hall, the check-in islands are angled towards the common immigration control area as a natural and intuitive wayfinding.

A walk-through integrated retail concept, with double-height shopfronts, greet shoppers right after the clearance processes.

The pièce de résistance is the 300-metre-long Central Galleria: a glazed, open space separating airside and landside areas running the length of the terminal.

The design enables departing passengers to stay in visual contact with their friends and family and provides a glimpse of what awaits in the transit lounge.

The Petalclouds kinetic installation suspended 200 metres across the Central Galleria A ‘future-ready’ terminal offering a vibrant immersive experience SEAMLESS AND REFRESHING T4 engages with passengers through a theatre of different experiences, heritage-themed façades, immersive LED digital displays and more.

Notably, the Petalclouds kinetic installation in the Central Galleria evokes the impression of clouds moving slowly in the sky.

The harmonic, collective choreography of six identical sculptures results in a continuous interplay of form, animated light and reflections that can be seen from all around the terminal.

The art collection at T4 showcases an eclectic mix of contemporary works by local and foreign artists, with a diverse blend of mediums, sizes and imagery, which weaves a narrative that converges art and travel.

FAST TECHNOLOGY T4 was conceived with the vision to rethink travel and break new ground through innovative concepts of operation and terminal design, to address capacity needs as well as improve efficiency and manpower productivity.

Facial recognition software enables passengers to check-in at their own convenience, while computed tomography (CT) and automated tray return systems are used for security screening of hand-carry luggage.

AI technology and millimetre wave technology is used for quick and easy passenger screening.

The project has also been accorded the Green Mark Gold Plus and Universal Accessibility awards for its sustainability and accessibility features, such as its energy-efficient baggage claim system and ample natural lighting.

Overview of the departure hall with petal-shaped skylights The nature-inspired boarding gate PROJECT DATA Project Name Location Singapore Completion Date 2017 Gross Floor Area 225,000 square metres Client/Owner Changi Airport Group Concept Design Architect Benoy Executive Architect SAA Architects Interior & Wayfinding Designer Benoy Images Benoy window.onload = function(){ document.querySelector(‘meta[name=viewport]’).setAttribute(‘content’,’width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0,initial-scale=1,user-scalable=yes’); }.

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