Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Winner: Learning | Singapore | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2019

For the island city-state of Singapore, survival entails the prudent management of scarce natural resources and sensible handling of environmental challenges. The Sustainable Singapore Gallery seeks to communicate the message of sustainability in ways that would raise public interest and maximise public engagement.

Integrated with the Marina Barrage, the gallery is designed not as an isolated exhibition but as part of the holistic experience of the building and context. Documenting Singapore’s environmental transformation, the gallery educates the public on present and future environmental threats, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

The design team co-ordinated between various stakeholders and agencies to curate an inclusive story that is translated spatially into distinct zones. The gallery layout is designed to be freely navigated and readily understood, with the integration of wayfinding and a feature ‘ribbon’ element providing structure to the narrative.

The suspended white ‘ribbon’ weaves through the ‘shells’ of the gallery space, evoking the familiar and historic Singapore River as part of the narration of Singapore’s water story. To amplify the gallery’s message, the spatial language incorporates everyday objects—such as PVC water pipes, copper conduits and recyclable waste—to encourage visitors to reflect on their possible personal contributions towards sustainability. A feature sculpture made of recyclable objects form the highlight of Zone E: Journey to Zero, designed with the participation and contribution of local schoolchildren.

The gallery provides a multi-layered experience where architecture, text and multimedia are combined to spark interest, curiosity and engagement.

Project Name: Sustainable Singapore Gallery
Location: Marina Barrage, Singapore
Completion of Renovation: April 2018
Gross Floor Area: 1,618 square metres
Owner: Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s National Water Agency
Architecture & Exhibition Designer: Zarch Collaboratives
Principal Architect: Randy Chan
Interior Design Firm: Zarch Collaboratives
Principal Designer: Randy Chan Interactive installation on imagining mobility
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Icon Engineers LLP
Quantity Surveyor: QS Consultants Pte Ltd
Lighting Consultant: SWITCH
Lighting Designer: Takeo Sugamata
Multimedia Consultant: Ong Kian Peng
Graphics Consultant: Tan Wee Lee
Main Fit-Out Contractor: PICO Art International Pte Ltd
Images: Zarch Collaboratives; Finbar Fallon

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