Concept perspective

Located at Purvis Street, Singapore, Original is a farm-to-table casual dining restaurant that brings people back to the conventional methods of communication, allowing customers to take a break from social media that is ever-present in our daily lives.

The restaurant’s system of assigning random seats to diners aims to create a sense of excitement and anticipation in encouraging them to socialise and interact. The target group is teenagers/youths who may lack communication skills due to the overuse and/or overdependence of technology. Currently, 51 per cent of teens would rather communicate digitally than in person, and 32 per cent of people would prefer to speak on the phone rather than in person. Thus, the restaurant aims to focus on the importance of human interaction.

Colours such as grey, pink and green are used in the restaurant to create an ideal atmosphere for comfortable communication. Grey creates a feeling of calmness and reliability; pink a vibrant, youthful, atmospheric energy; and green a feeling of growth, relaxation and sustainability.

The hydroponics within the space allows people to have a closer experience with nature. Since there are only a few restaurants that have incorporated hydroponics within their interior designs, Original provides the rare opportunity for its nature-themed design to flourish.

The main materials used in the project are locally sourced, consisting primarily of concrete, with supporting materials such as wood laminate and grass. The use of glass and perforated metal screens allows sunlight to filter into the space, providing enough light to the hydroponics as well as creating a comfortable environment for customers.

Student Name: Piaolei Huang
School:Raffles College of Higher Education
Programme: Diploma in Interior Design
Supervisor/Instructor: Rosa Liane Da Silva Lopes
Project Name: Original
Project Year: September 2018
Location: Purvis Street, Singapore
Site Area: 133 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 288 square metres
Building Height: First storey: 4.26 metres; second storey: 3.25 metres; mezzanine: 3 metres
Number of Rooms/Units: 12
Client: TungLok Group
Images: Raffles College of Higher Education

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