Nature-Centric Office

Merit of Workplace Category | Singapore | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2018

This nature-centric office in Singapore is designed to encourage a symbiotic way of life between humans and nature.

Environmental sustainability is an obvious priority in the design. The office’s longest façade is orientated towards the north–east direction, allowing maximum natural lighting and natural ventilation. LED technology and inverter air-conditioning ensure energy efficiency.

Sustainable timber and engineered wood, as well as recycled materials, are used for finishes, furniture and features. Small metal scraps form display features and boards, while copper pipes are twisted and transformed into sculptural ceiling artwork and lighting fixtures. Feature screens made of recycled wood are some of examples of upcycled materials in the office.

Simple natural biodiversity—such as plants, herbs and fish is integrated into both the office interior and exterior, contributing towards climate regulation, recreation and health rejuvenation in the workplace. The concrete floor finish features plant textures, which not only create visual interest but also provide extra grip and slip-resistant properties. Balau wood of varying colours on the conference room walls creates a warm and cosy ambience.

The office space is flanked by outdoor gardens on both ends—one consisting of an outdoor meeting space and the other an outdoor pantry. This frees up the space in between for work stations to be located next to the windows. Every staff has a seat with an outside view, atop a raised platform floor, enabling a seamless visual connection to nature. Support spaces, such as cabinets, washrooms and conference room, are placed on the spine of the office, away from the windows.

The office spaces are carved out with organic curves that traverse throughout, from the floor to the table design, enveloping users in a comfortable and ergonomic space. The borderless design removes barriers and encourages interaction.

Ample storage spaces are provided in compact form, hidden behind a large format print of a nature scene. As an element of fun, all seven cabinet panels open differently—a creative yet practical way of resolving space constraints.

The use of coloured timber slats on the deck of the outdoor pantry rise up from the ground into storage boxes for the pantry and bench seats, allowing the small outdoor terrace to accommodate a party of 10 comfortably. — Construction+ Online

Project Name: Nature Centric Office
Location: 8 Burn Road, TRIVEX, #13-13, Singapore
Completion Date: June 2017
Site Area: 1,744 square feet
Gross Floor Area: 1,744 square feet
Building Height: 1 storey
Number of Rooms: 3
Owner: Chu Yang Keng
Architecture Firm: IX Architects Pte Ltd
Principal Architect: Chu Yang Keng
Interior Design Firm: IX Architects Pte Ltd
Principal Designer: Chu Yang Keng
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: John Yee (Platform Construction Pte Ltd)
Lighting Consultant: IX Architects Pte Ltd
Landscape Architect: IX Architects Pte Ltd
Green Building Consultant: IX Architects Pte Ltd
Images: IX Architects Pte Ltd

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