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 A green wall with a canopy of twinkling LED ‘raindrops’ Merit, Working Category | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards ID21’s move to a loftier duplex unit in...

A green wall with a canopy of twinkling LED ‘raindrops’ Merit, Working Category | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards ID21’s move to a loftier duplex unit in the same office block presented an opportunity for the firm to give its staff a more generous and inspiring premises.

As well as reinvent workplace design to showcase its creative capabilities.

Much of the space is deliberately kept neutral and subtle, with the spatial identity infused into the visitor’s journey.

From the outside, a heavy oxidized copper sliding door, with a discreet laser cut logo, gives away little of what lies inside.

Collaboration area in an industrial-themed section Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a rainforest-themed reception, before turning the corner to face a bright and vibrant office.

This element of surprise continues around every turn, heightened by the experience of each distinct area.

To achieve a balance of social interaction, collaboration and individual concentration, department-based work areas are carved out and seamlessly woven into the flow of the open-plan space.

The double-volume height and live greenery in the back office and workstation areas contribute towards an airy, naturally-lit environment for employee wellbeing.  All enclosed rooms are built in glass to allow visual connectivity, while meeting rooms stand as raised centrepieces.

A variety of collaboration furniture—from large discussion counters to configurable lounge seats enhanced with tech connectivity—allows for spontaneous discussions.

While not a big office, it contains a variety of ‘worlds’ that staff can disappear into.

In one industrial-themed section, an oversized neon sign on a feature wall banishes workplace monotony, while another area evokes serenity with lush greenery built into storage features.

From a canopy of twinkling LED ‘raindrops’ and creative magnetic staff portraits in the meeting rooms to cloud-inspired sponged effect tiles and hand-patterned carpet tiles that echo pebbles and textures from nature … the result is a curiously different and inviting office.

Sustainability is another key point of innovation.

Plants feature in many areas, from free-standing fiddle-leaf fig trees to miniature fern potted gardens, and rows of greenery double as partitions.

Desk lighting allows for comfortable personal illumination and reduced wastage from less-efficient overhead lights.

Much of the furniture and carpentry from the previous office are incorporated into the interiors, while new furnishings and carpeting are Green-certified.

A low false ceiling in a section of the back office allowed the reuse of glass partitions from the previous office.

During the construction process, key concerns were resource scheduling and safety due to the high ceiling, which were addressed with efficient scheduling of the scissors lift and meticulous risk assessment and mitigation.

Fixed desk area with desk lighting Magnetic team portraits can be rearranged to introduce the project team during presentations Breakout area and pantry PROJECT DATA Project Name Location Great World City East Office Tower, Singapore Completion Date June 2017 Gross Floor Area 572 square metres Interior Design Firm ID21 Interior Fit-Out Contractor ID21 Images ID21 window.onload = function(){ document.querySelector(‘meta[name=viewport]’).setAttribute(‘content’,’width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0,initial-scale=1,user-scalable=yes’); }.

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