Heytea Daydreamer

Rows of lights that look like lighthouses
Rows of lights that look like lighthouses

Heytea Daydreamer is a tea shop/bar located in the historic district of Clark Quay, which used to be the busiest port in Singapore in the 19th century. Within the shop’s walking distance is a lighthouse situated on the Fort Canning Hill, from which the design inspiration of Heytea Daydreamer was drawn.

In the past, the lighthouse provided guidance to sailors and pilots, a beacon to navigate boats and ships to the seashore. Haytea Daydreamer translates this idea into a business concept; and this is subsequently reflected in its design. Situated on a busy street packed with dimly lit bars, the tea shop stands out as it gleams with white light.

Designed to be visually distinctive, the lighthouse impression is mainly created from the project’s use of light. The brightness makes the shop seem out of place, but a more striking feature is the lights that dim and glow alternately every 15 seconds. Not only does this resemble a lighthouse, but it also creates playful vibes that are consistent with the bar street’s atmosphere.
The façade is made from borderless glass that creates a clean look. The minimalist signages allow attention to be drawn more to the illumination. The white furniture blends with the walls. There are long vertical lights installed that are parallel with the centre, which the designers claimed to resemble lighthouses. The ceiling is made from white perforated aluminium and wooden blocks. The brown wood blocks stand out in the predominantly white interiors, arranged in a pattern of intersecting lines that emulates a lighthouse’s moving lights.

The shop’s original building has circular columns with visually rough texture that represents the old architecture of the historic area. To match the preserved columns, the interior walls were finished with textured paint. Other parts of the interior are made of white artificial stone and sandblasted steel to complement the overall look and feel. The perforated aluminium ceiling not only enhances the look but it also hides the air vents above it.

Project Name: HEYTEA Day Dreamer Project at Clarke Quay Singapore
Location: Block A, 3 River Valley Road, #01-06, Clarke Quay, Singapore
Completion Date: January 2019
Site Area: 250 square metres
Interior Design Firm: MOC DESIGN OFFICE
Principal Designers: Sam Liang; Vivi Wu

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