E-Bridge Campus Punggol

E-Bridge Campus Punggol is a childcare centre catered for the teaching and caring of students, comprising infant and toddler care, as well as nursery and kindergarten schooling. The design brief called for 30 classrooms and multiple play areas to cater for a capacity of 500.

The overall design intent is to create sheltered play areas that allow spillover of activities to the exterior, expanding the classrooms beyond the walls. The classrooms modules are planned in a curvilinear form spreading across two storeys, which forms five semi-enclosed and fully sheltered courtyards. The toilet modules are attached to the external perimeter of the curved form and directly connected to the classrooms.

The five courtyards, named as the ‘pods’, provide safe play areas that encourage interaction amongst children. The classrooms around these courtyards unfold in a playful form that allows for exploration, extending the learning experience beyond the classrooms. Each pod has a different theme that allows various play and learning activities such as water play, sand play, tree house, food atelier, etc. The roof terrace also gives opportunity for class activities to be held in a safe open environment.

E-Bridge Large Childcare Centre (LCCC) was a fast-track project, which allowed for a tight eight-month construction period. Therefore, the design was driven by buildability and constructability, besides creating interesting facilities for the childcare centre.

The design is highly repetitive to allow easier and faster construction to take place. Materials such as precast lightweight concrete panels, prefabricated railing modules and membrane roofs were used to speed up the construction process. With joint effort of the project team, the project was successfully completed within the given timeframe.

The campus is designed using passive Green building strategies, encouraging children to be closer to nature and enabling education beyond the classroom walls. Multiple courtyards open out to the exterior, creating a safe outdoor environment that is sheltered from adverse weather elements and allowing natural ventilation through the premises.

The roof lets warm air escape, drawing in cooler, fresher air from the side openings. Natural light filters through the membrane, allowing for natural, indirect lighting to the play areas below.

The toilets are designed to let fresh air and natural ventilation pass through, with windows overlooking Green spaces within eye level of children.f

Project Name: E-Bridge Campus Punggol
Location: 78 Edgedale Plains, Punggol, Singapore
Completion Date: May 2016
Site Area: 5,000 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 3,700 square metres
Building Height: 2 storeys with roof terrace
Owner: EtonHouse International Education Group
Architecture Firm: LAUD Architects Pte Ltd
Principal Architect: Ho Tzu Yin (QP)
Interior Design Firm: LAUD Architects Pte Ltd
Principal Designer: Ho Tzu Yin (QP)
Civil & Structural Engineer: LSW Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: HPX Consulting Engineers
Quantity Surveyor: Infield Projects Pte Ltd
Main Contractor: Authentic Builder Pte Ltd
Images: LAUD Architects; EtonHouse;