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The new Creative Crews (CC) office is located in Talad Noi district, Bangkok. It seeks to preserve the building’s history of a traditional row house with a sensitive approach, while exhibiting the versatility to create new spaces that accommodate a variety of uses. This multilayered office focuses on fulfilling functional aspects, enhancing productivity by introducing a naturally ventilated corridor and greenery into the building.


The new building plan seeks to maximise space, circulation
and the functions on each floor. The design team carved into the existing building to create voids, transforming the third floor into an adjoining double-volume ceiling for a cheesewood tree within. The addition of a steel dog-leg improves vertical circulation. By reinterpreting local elements, the existing steel railing balconies are left untouched.

The building is split into two halves, with formal functions on the air-conditioned east side, and circulation and supporting facilities on the naturally ventilated west side. The first and second floors are retail spaces for rent. Flexible meeting spaces on the third floor are rented out to the public and utilised by CC staff with an adjoining double-volume, semi-outdoor courtyard used for public functions. The fourth, fifth and sixth floors are offices, while the top floor houses staff dormitories.

Natural lighting, greenery and natural ventilation help create a soothing environment whilst improving the physical and mental well-being of office workers. Custom-made furniture found throughout the premises provides ergonomically friendly equipment and workstations to suit a variety of needs.

CC office is an adaptive reuse project, where alterations are done for functional changes only. The practicality of this project is represented in the versatile design, which can accommodate on-site adjustments during construction. Unlike traditional workplaces designed with a one size fits all concept, this planning provides a solution to the practicality of workspaces in Bangkok’s row houses typology.

Projects Data
Project Name:
CC Office (Creative Crews office)
Location: 177, 39-40 Soi Choduk, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok, 10100, Thailand
Completion Date: 3 August 2018
Site Area: 112 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 650 square metres
Building Height: 7 floors; 21.2 metres
Owner: Creative Crews Ltd
Architecture Firm: Creative Crews Ltd
Interior Design Firm: Creative Crews Ltd
Principal Designer: Creative Crews Ltd
Civil & Structural Engineer: Wor Consultant Co., Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: EXM Consultant Co., Ltd
Main Contractor: Duangnil Team
Images: Takdanai Raktawat; Art 4d

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