Nike Exhibition

Nike Exhibition

In conjunction with the sixth anniversary of Nike’s Flyknit and the launch of the Nike Equality Campaign, this student project envisioned an exhibition to showcase Nike’s history of sport equality. It is housed in a super-sized tunnel with a ‘swoosh-like’ structure and a large shoebox pop-up store, all designed to push the limits of design. Intersecting the tunnel with the shoe-box shape creates a dynamic spatial arrangement for the exhibition.

Nike’s Flyknit is lightweight and malleable, which eases construction and transportation issues. The see-through properties evoke shopper’s curiosity and allows for cross ventilation as well as the diffused sunlight (and the mall’s environmental light) to penetrate through. The material is recyclable, allowing the setup prop materials to be reused to manufacture shoes after the exhibition. The recycled cardboard for the pop-up store can also be recycled for Nike’s packaging.

This exhibition was strategically chosen to be located at the centre court of the Pavilion shopping mall, as using the see-through material allows for a 360-degree perspective to attract shoppers from all directions within the mall. This project also capitalises on the diffused light from the skylight at the centre court’s air-well.

Inspired by Nike’s advocacy towards equality, this project seeks to unit all races to come together through sports across Malaysia. The exhibition is also intended to promote awareness amongst Malaysians to be more active by participating in sports, and to live a healthier lifestyle with Nike.

Student Name: See Eleven
School: Raffles College of Higher Education
Programme: Advanced Diploma in Interior Design
Supervisor/Instructor: Ong Pai Ling
Project Name: Nike Exhibition
Project Year: May 2018
Location: Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Site Area: 2,600 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 4,700 square metres
Building Height: 7 storeys
Clients: MTrustee Berhad for Pavilion REIT; Urusharta Cemerlang (KL) Sdn Bhd
Images: Raffles College of Higher Education

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