Laman PKNS

The new headquarters with signature cantilever roof and curved building shape

Winner | Hong Kong | BCI Asia Top 10 Architects 2018

The new PKNS headquarters is designed for lower energy consumption and emissions using the three inter-related aspects of passive design, active design, and operations and maintenance.

The thermally-efficient building envelope—with double glazed windows, a specially composed exterior/spandrel wall, a green roof and additional insulation between mechanically ventilated floors—is a key factor behind reduced cooling requirements. The ceiling along the façade perimeter is also designed with an angled slope to maximise the depth of natural light penetration.

The overall massing, orientation and internal layout of the building is designed for optimal energy use, with most of the glazed façades facing north and south. Service spaces, such as toilets and storage, are located on the east–west sections of the building blocks, acting as an insulating buffer to the working space. The entrances to the offices are also located on the inner part of the building to reduce substantial cool air leak and heat transmission from the outside.

The building is boldly covered by a large grass roof, which blends it with its environment and provides civic spaces for the public. The grass roof with its soil system also reduces heat transmission from the roof and the heat island effect towards the city.

In terms of active design, the development uses individually-controlled variable air volume units, supplemented by an absorption chiller that is powered by a large solar thermal system, for its cooling needs. In double volume spaces, such as the auditorium hall, a displacement ventilation system is used. Water consumption is reduced by over 60 per cent, with a dripping irrigation system, dual flush WCs, infrared taps and the use of rainwater and recycled grey water for all toilets and irrigation.

The building will offset more than 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, reducing energy use by 75 per cent compared to typical Malaysian office buildings. The project is close to existing public transport hubs and provides parking priority to carpools and Green vehicles, with provision of electric vehicle chargers.

Project Name: Laman PKNS (PKNS Headquarters)
Location: 2, Jalan Indah 14/8, Seksyen 14, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Completion Date: September 2017 (final works)
Site Area: 1.84 hectares
Developer: Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS)
Architecture Firm: : VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd
Conceptual Design Architect: Ar Azril Amir Jaafar
Project Architect: Ar Noor Halwani Ab Rahman
Interior Design Firm: Skala Design Consult Sdn Bhd
Images: PKNS; VERITAS Architects (Paul Gadd)

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