CIDB Convention Centre Sarawak

 Ethnic Dayak motives peek through the louvre skin The CIDB Convention Centre, with its double-volume convention hall, is designed to subtly blend with the surr...

Ethnic Dayak motives peek through the louvre skin The CIDB Convention Centre, with its double-volume convention hall, is designed to subtly blend with the surrounding landscape and be in communion with nature.

Despite its massive massing, it boasts a sense of lightness and simplicity, invoking curiosity with its distinctive shape and transparent boundaries.

Instead of the conventional enclosed walls, the building’s skin is actually a fixture of semi-open corridors with decorative louvres and polycarbonate.

The interior spaces are ‘partitioned’ by the semi-open corridors, forming inviting nooks and crannies.

Slab cut-outs allow cool air from the pond below to circulate in building BEST OF SARAWAK Partially rising atop a pond, the centre combines the best of Sarawak architecture, taking into account its culture and environment while integrating modern technology for an ecologically-designed product.

The exposed spun pile that forms part of the building support is derived from the Rumah Orang Ulu’s Belian timber columns, the ellipse-shaped layout and roof design is inspired by the ethnic Bidayuh Baruk house, while the semi-open corridors are from the long verandas that serve as communal family spaces in traditional Sarawak Malay houses.

The Dayak floral motif silhouettes behind the louvres cast decorative shadows on the corridor floor, while the pond is reminiscent of traditional village houses built close to water sources.

Cut-outs in the slabs allow the cool air from the pond below to flow through the corridors, creating a natural cross and stack ventilation.

One of the challenges during construction was the piling and foundation works on the existing pond, which required water to be drained out from the pond (revealing a resident crocodile!).

Once the works were completed and the pond refilled, all discharge outlets to the river had to be securely protected to avoid crocodiles from returning.

PREFAB & GREEN The construction industry in Sarawak usually opts for conventional design instead of industrialised building systems (IBS) due to logistics, budgetary constraints and lack of installation expertise.

However, this project successfully implemented IBS with a score above 70 per cent, despite it being the contractor’s first time constructing using prefabrication.

During the design stage, both the consultant team and the client brainstormed on how to minimise or eradicate possible issues regarding the construction and design.

The building’s layout design provided some technical challenges.

The surveyor had to carefully plot all the necessary setting out and piling positions to ensure a perfect ellipse shape.

The building’s shape helps to protect against rain burst and reduce wind impact.

The roofing works also took a bit of time due to its twisting gradient.

The louvres were installed at different heights, and calculations had to be redone on site to ensure everything fitted well together.

The whole site could be further developed in the future to obtain scoring for the Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool (MyCrest) as well.

Because of its ecologically-sustainable design with its open-corridor concept and capillary system theory, there is an estimated saving of 30 per cent in the use of electricity and air-conditioning.

Benches and planter boxes incorporated along the perimeter corridors The main entrance, inspired by the mouth of a cage PROJECT DATA Project Name Location Petra Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Completion Date 29 January 2018 Site Area 240,958 square metres Gross Floor Area 4,765 square metres Building Height 1 storey Client CIDB Malaysia Building Inspection Auditor SGS Malaysia Sdn Bhd Architecture Firm Arkiskape Sdn Bhd Principal Architects Ar Hj Sumardi Ghazalee; Ar Desmond Kuek Project Architect Irwan Iswandi Mohammed Civil & Structural Engineer Perunding Azra MEP Engineer Konsortium Bumi Consultants & Services Sdn Bhd Quantity Surveyor Juruukur Bahan Tema Sdn Bhd Landscape Architect Perunding K.A.S.

Main Contractor High Wealth Sdn Bhd Images CIDB Malaysia, United G.I.

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