Zintra Acoustic Solutions

Within contemporary aesthetics, the venue often calls for large areas of hard surfacing such as polished concrete floors and marble tiles. The visual looks amazing but the experience – with sounds of chairs scraping timber floors, or phone conference pods in meeting rooms, where sound is bouncing off bare walls, is often an assault on the ears.

In addition, evolution of hospitality design and increasingly popular of open-plan office design, managing sounds to suit a variety of design needs has long been a challenge.

Zintra Acoustic Solutions is a cost effective noise reduction product which not only helps to absorb sound influences in a space, but also makes design statements. It is a perfect solution for application where sound reductions as well as aesthetics are required, and are easily adaptable for designs with unlimited design flexibility. It improves sound control in large spaces such as educational institutions, restaurants, open offices, allowing users to experience better speech intelligibility.
• Zintra offers a wide variety of designs in different formats suitable for multiple of applications including walls, ceilings, space divisions
• It is easy to assemble, easy to install and available in large array of designs
• Zintra boasts a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of 0.45 to 0.90
• It is made of 100% polyester, low in VOC and contributable to LEED credits
• Can be cut on-site or prefabricated for perfect fit, allowing architects and interior designers to excel with site-specific solutions

• Zintra Acoustic Textures – Three-dimensional panels ranging from parallelograms to arcs, delivering style, depth
and contrast
• Zintra on Zintra – combines an intricately cut pattern layer with solid layout of the same or contrasting colours
• Zintra Systems – easy to install and prefabricated for various wall and ceiling applications, such as baffles which
is a great alternative to standard ceiling tiles
• Zintra Acoustic Digital Print – can be customized to meet the creative visual and functional needs

• Best of Competition Award for the 21st Annual International Interior Design Association/ HD Product Design Competition at HD Expo, USA
• 2017 Best of Show (Architectural Finishes) at Boutique Design West, USA

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