Zibo·Yuwang Mountain Town Pottery and Colored Glaze Workshop

Coloured glaze area

Since a thousand years ago, Boshan has become a renowned town of ceramics and coloured glaze. Touring around it, one can fully enjoy the beautiful landscape and fascinating culture. Many old villages there such as Guyao Village have witnessed the passage of time, inherited ingenious craftsmanship as well as the spirit for striving for excellence, and created various exquisite artworks. Based on these favourable natural and cultural conditions in Boshan, Co-Direction Design decided to construct an “elder-care town” beside Yuwang Mountain, a destination for old people to enjoy later life. Pottery and Colored Glaze Workshop, the project is situated in the “elder-care town”.

Bearing in mind the inheritance of local traditional culture and the essence of design, the design team conceived the idea of restructuring the space and integrating historical and cultural elements into it, aiming to reach a balance between the contemporary and the traditional.

The overall space features a smooth and natural layout, with ochre, black and white as major hues. Woods, stones, copper and bricks were widely utilized, together creating a calm and restrained atmosphere in the space. Besides, cultural symbols of ceramics dating back to one thousand years ago were ingeniously incorporated into the interior design.

A massive granite stone functions as the front desk, which is in harmony with the space, directly evoking people’s deeper feelings. The foyer was designed with a symmetrical layout, conveying oriental aesthetics of order. The wired glass screens in this area are placed with a certain distance from each other, which exude dim and soft lights and form the contrast of massiveness and lightness with the architecture.

The ceiling was designed with curved and strip-shaped structures, which shows the structural aesthetics of traditional Chinese architecture and adds a sense of formality to the space. Lights fall on the tiered glazed bricks, generating soft glitter like jades and pearls, and indicating the rich local cultural context. Large area of white walls and gray hollow bricks echo each other, which endows the space with unique textures, blurs boundaries within it and facilitates the interaction of lights and shadows.

The building is an archaized architecture, which posed one of the constraints for the interior design. As such, it was very important and necessary to build close connections and ensure coordination between the architectural structure and interiors through the design. Through borrowing and recombining the traditional elements of the architecture, and utilizing new design language, the interior space was given oriental classic charm, which is in harmony with the architectural fabric.

The second constraint lied in the requirements of the client, who hoped that the space could serve multiple purposes, for example, serving for business invitation and display at an early stage, and functioning as a studio at a later stage. The diversified functional requirements might cause conflicts in spatial layout, which needed to be dealt with. Through subtle arrangement and combination of interior decorations, they solved the problem and enabled functional transformation of the space.

They also met with great challenges and difficulties in the construction of the coloured-glazed-brick-structured fence surrounding the atrium-like void, mainly related with its height and safety aspects. In order to tackle it, they turned to local professionals for technical support, and optimized the design details, thereby a safe fence featuring unique local materials was successfully built.

When it comes to the materials involved in the project, wood veneer, wired-glass, glazed brick, gray brick, brushed stainless steel and textured paint were used for the project.

Project Name
Zibo · Yuwang Mountain Town Pottery and Colored Glaze Workshop
No.6, Yaojiayu Village, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China
Status of Construction
Completion Date
August 2018
Site Area
900 sqm
Gross Floor Area
810 sqm
Building Height
The building has a sloping roof, on the 1st floor, the height is 4 meters; on the 2nd floor, some part is 6.5 meters, and some is 4 meters.
Interior Design Firm
Co-Direction Design
Principal Designer
Jiang Xiaolin, Huang Libing
Jing Xufeng