Wilkie Lee

Wilkie Lee, Executive Director Kerry Properties (H.K.) Limited

Your company has been consecutively honored as the Top 10 developer of Hong Kong, what is the secret of your continue success in the industry?
Guided by the principle of aspiring to excellence, Kerry Properties is a world-class property company with significant investments in Asia.  Kerry Properties focuses on developing high quality residential and mixed-use developments encompassing hotels, shopping malls, office towers and apartments in prime locations of Mainland China and Hong Kong.

As one of the distinguished property developers, Kerry Properties continues to strengthen its large-scale mixed-use portfolio and establishing high-end developments in many up-and-coming Chinese cities. Kerry Properties leverages its experience and expertise to participate in numerous premium developments to keep pace with the long term growth of every city.

Beyond the developments, Kerry Properties continues to serve residents and tenants by offering professional management and a range of attentive services and diverse privileges.  Through continuous improvement its management expertise, Kerry Properties creates ideal living and working environments. This one-stop service approach is designed to meet and even exceed market expectations in every possible way. End users’ experience and well-being are our core value as a property developer.

BCI Asia Awards recognizes developer and architecture firms with the highest value portfolios of projects during the last full calendar year, what is your proudest project during last year?
Among its portfolio of premium properties, Kerry Properties is recently renowned for creating a remarkable, landmark living community at Beacon Hill in Kowloon.  Unprecedented at No. 9 Lung Kui Road, Beacon Hill, Mont Rouge, a residential jewel that secures panoramic views, low density and luxuriant living.

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