St Regis Hong Kong opens its doors

The 27-storey St Regis Hong Kong has opened its doors in April 2019, boasting sleek and sophisticated interiors designed and curated by architect André Fu.

The tower marks its presence on the Hong Kong waterfront in Wan Chai, one of Hong Kong’s oldest districts, surrounded by traditional pawnshops, an old police station and the Bauhaus-style market. Visitors are taken on an immersive, layered visual journey, where personal memories are interweaved with the city’s heritage, resulting in a rich and evocative experience. The heritage of Hong Kong is referenced throughout the hotel with old gas street lamps from Duddell’s Street, colonial columns from the old Wan Chai police station, and paneling inspired by the colonial Hong Kong mansions.

The design is also inspired by the first St. Regis hotel built in New York by John Jacob Astor IV in 1904, fusing the scale and grandeur of New York City and Manhattan mansions with the local context. The hotel also features a collection of artworks by internationally renowned artists. Natural light is balanced with soft light by night, playing off the reflective luminous surfaces.

One of the highlights is The St Regis Bar, which portrays an exclusive members-only bolthole that contrasts with the grandeur of the adjacent spaces.  Rich warm tones, tweeds and brass details, along with bronze oak panelling and olive leather upholstery, give the bar a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

With just 129 bedrooms, including 14 deluxe suites, two premium suites and a presidential suite, the hotel prioritises space and comfort over maximum efficiency, with many units boasting panoramic views of the city and harbour. The interiors are a clever interplay of classic versus modernity, with an intricate juxtaposition of cultural influences. Colours are chalky white, warm mineral grey and taupe, while beds are dressed in white linen with mauve cashmere throws, rugs and wall hangings to give a sense of comfort and serenity. Vivid orange lacquered doors add a pop of colour. ― Construction+ Online