SPACE CHURCH is an innovative concept of United Power Engineering & Construction Ltd., designed to tailor-made space management and services for the unique needs of churches. Whether your church is contemplating on a space management upgrade or opts for a new space management system, the company can provide a quick and flexible proposal.

3 Attractive Features:
(1) Address 4 spatial needs of the church: Sanctuary for worship, Classrooms for teaching, Rooms for fellowship groups, Small rooms for individual groups
• Take only a few minutes to create a solemn and communal worship space
Install soundproof glass on the wall of a room for those with special needs such as parents with infants and add
a sound system in the room to enable participation in the
worship service.
• Patterned partitions become writing and projection surfaces for a quiet and dynamic teaching space
The ultra soundproof partitions allow trainers and participants to fully express themselves without disturbing others. In addition, partitions can double as a writing or projection surface. A variety of colors is available to suit every age group needs.
• Easily operable for anyone in need of fellowship space
New soundproof glass partitions are light and flexible, easily managed. The partitions can also replace the traditional blackboard as they can act as multi-purpose surfaces for writing, stick ons, and other decorations.
• Push of button to convert public into private space
Newly developed soundproof partitions can come with doors. The whole or part of the door can be decorated with frosted glass in the form of a cross. The newest system with Smart Glass not only provides sound insulation, but also privacy as transparent glass can become opaque at a push of button.

(2) Reduce time and energy spent on space management and maintenance by church leaders
SPACE CHURCH has a professional team. Church leaders can contact the team anytime to arrange a consultation. They are ready to make presentations and answer questions about the products and services at the General Services Committee, Deacon Board and General Assembly.

(3) Donate a portion of income to the church to show social responsibility
SPACE CHURCH believes the church plays a significant role in advocating social harmony, highly valuing human life, and promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. As part of the contribution for a better society, the company will not only offer the church discounts, but will also donate a portion of her income to the church.

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