Simmons, Great China Shops Design And Rebranding

Winner: Retailing | Hong Kong | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2019

Project assignment was rebranding Simmons stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Besides, including a mobile exhibition booth design for a Shanghai exhibition in 2016.

The retail market was gradually adapting to the rapid development of internet sales; therefore, the functional role of the shop was shifting. Simmons shops served as a platform for customers to try out and having better products experience.

The design was focused on customers’ circulation efficiency and accentuate the presence of beds and bedroom related products within a limited space. Changing the placement of beds and designing walls to be more fluid and natural in shape, even a minimal, pristine and perennial space would allow Simmons’ customers to linger and trial on beds freely. Such a barrier-free shop could help Simmons’ staff to observe potential customers’ needs. As a result, the elongated circulation increased customers’ time to spend interacting with store sales.

Elements such as sound, water, raindrops, the colour blue and other embellishments were all apparatus devised to provoke customers’ five senses, a reminder of the importance of a good night’s sleep. Water droplets hung from the ceiling were custom made design patents. These special droplets swayed with the movement of customers. Store light would be projecting water ripples on the walls. These droplets also used as speakers, playing soothing music. Softly glowing light radiated from different sources around the store, lending a soft ambience to space and creating the optimal environment for relaxation and reflection.

For Elite stores, ceiling design was inspired by the ancient Chinese scholar wine tasting game “Qushui Feast” (Liu Shang Quo Shui 流觴曲水 – cup of wine floating along the stream. When the cup stopped, the person in front could taste the cup of wine.) Twisting and curling lines connected the store were projecting the shapes of streams when customers lying on the bed were unconsciously dragged into the flow of the ancient scholar game.

Walls of Premier and Studio stores were using traced glowing lines. These continuous lines invited customers to flow into space where a white backdrop highlights the beds. When the backdrop was white, the beds accented and decorated with darker colours were brought into focus.

All abstract shapes and lines kept the mood explorative and fresh. A futuristic feeling attracted window shoppers’ curiosity and attention.

Regarding the Simmons Exhibition Booth, booth design based on a giant irregular translucent lantern shaped booth so that it was stood out at the exhibition hall. The colour and rendition of the booth were minimalistic, such that it echoed the new generation of Simmons shops.

Project Name: Simmons, Great China Shops Design And Rebranding
Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong
Completion Date: 2017
Gross Floor Area:
Premier/Studio/Elite Stores: Approximately 1,129 square feet
Mobile Booth: Approximately 1,000 square feet
Client/Owner/Developer: Simmons Beddings International
Architecture Firm: Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd
Principal Architect: Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd
Interior Design Firm: Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd
Principal Designer: Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Global Link Creation, Ken Wong; Alco Engineering (HK) Ltd, Alex Tang
Images: South Ho

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