RMJM launches new studio in HK

RMJM has established a new studio in Hong Kong, specialising in master plan and urban design.

RMJM Urban Design Group (UDG) will be led by its executive director Steven Townsend and global business development team leader Abraham Boyd.

Townsend: Our duty to change the status quo of urban development

The sector-specific studio will focus on resilient community planning, sustainable urban design and responsible transit-oriented development design for its public, private and institutional clients.

“Our cities today are having intrinsic difficulties in catching up with the latest technological breakthroughs, climate change, and intensive rapid urbanization,” said Townsend. “As master planners and urban designers, it is our duty to change the status quo of urban development and to think in a holistic inter-strategic way.”

The establishment of RMJM UDG comes on the back of the launch of two other sector-specific studios: RMJM Dx, specialising in BIM services, and RMJM PIM (Project Integrated Management). ― Construction+ Online