Peak Galleria

Standing on the summit of Victoria Peak since 1992, the Peak Galleria welcomes millions of travelers each year who come to catch a glimpse of the spectacular view of Hong Kong. The landmark shopping arcade with panoramic views to both the Victoria harbour and the Pokfulam Reservoir, offers a multi-sensory shopping, dining and entertainment experience attractive to international tourists and local families. Due to its long history, the premise had become obsolescent and worn out in the past decades and was in urgent need of a makeover.

Aedas was commissioned by the client to renovate and modernize the property for a brand new outlook. Undergone a more than 2.5 year redesign and construction, Peak Galleria re-opened in 2019 with a modern image of a rising bright gem stone sitting on the peak. “The Victoria Peak is of great significance to the history of Hong Kong and the local citizens. To bring back the glory and glamour of the arcade, it needs not only a fit-out in modern architectural language, but also a re-positioning of the development.  We are making it an inseparable part of urban life in Hong Kong, a leisure destination for the citizens, a playful memory for children, and a Hong Kong image for tourists,” said Ed Lam, Executive Director of Aedas.

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Project Name

Peak Galleria
Hong Kong, China
Completion Year
Gross Floor Area
23,397 square metres
Design & Project Architect
Ed Lam

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