Meixihu Huanyu Center

The sites are well located near MeiXi Lake, Changsha where directly connected to the #2 Line Metro Station at the North West corner, the main ring road to the West and East. The residential and office loop forms its own prominent identity at the main four corner plazas as major approach points.

The Loft residential plans and spatial pattern are designed based on “high end, green, efficient, interactive and sharing” principles. Units are designed to make full use of both the scenic lake views and strong symbolic loop of the retail. The “loop sky garden” makes it possible for neighbours to communicate and interact. The office tower is an elegant, clean, fluent shape, adopts advanced materiality, and is integrated with green energyefficient concepts.

The new retail to the north is large of shopping mall nature, site’s NW corner is connected via retail corridor at First Basement Level linking the station to the underground retail street and sunken plazas. Such link attracts pedestrian flow throughout the site.

The internal three levels of local alleys run across the site in a highly permeable layered loop which centred around a circular grand plaza with vibrant green landscaping. The retail design is to integrate three indispensable elements (art, entertainment and work). B1 retail takes the luxury supermarket as an anchor store, where it is connected to the subway entry on the NW side, and an urban corridor lined with retail that continues to the SW sunken plaza. Retail on L1 and L2 takes the lifestyle base as the theme, a retail street of outdoor experience is populated with intriguing modern Art Sculptures that strategically highlight the various public squares, featured F&B areas, and live-band performances. The roof of the retail street podium includes an outdoor art exchange space, small stage, open-air theatre, and roof terrace. The grand central retail plaza acts as a highly accessible garden oasis which stars as the main attraction gathering and rests spot. It is surrounded by the loop bridges on multiple levels lined with viewing decks and raised amphitheatres. The boutique street experience connects conveniently to the adjacent mall on L2, with predicted highly valuable pedestrian flow in both directions.

Sites’ traffic circulation carefully arranges for various users. Primary vehicular entrances or exits of the site are on the Northern and Southern main roads. People travelling to their work will entering from the NW or SW main entry points, avoiding intersecting with the vehicular roads. There are in total four 2-way ramps into the below-grade car park, two ramps for retail vehicles and two ramps for vehicles of office, hotel and Loft apartments. Vehicles of Loft and offices buildings first accesses the drop-off and then continues to share one ramp for each entry point into the car park. These circulation strategies work to keep vehicular traffic and pedestrian flow separate for a highly pedestrianised environment on the ground and retail levels.

The principles of the master plan layout are to maximise the overall values of mixed programs and to be an impressive business and retail complex.


Project Name: Meixihu Huanyu Center
Location: Meixihu Changsha, China
Status of Construction: Under construction
Expected Completion: 2022
Site Area: 46,668 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 493,497 sqm
Building Height: 44F, 200m
Client/Owner/Developer: Changsha Xindamei Group Co.,Ltd
Architecture Firm: hpa (Ho and Partners Architects Engineers Development Consultants Limited)
Principal Architects: Bosco Ho, Darren Chan
Images: hpa (Ho and Partners Architects Engineers Development Eye from North West Consultants Limited)

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