Max Wong

Mr Wong joined Link in May 2013, and is responsible for formulating and executing the asset enhancement projects, and managing the operation and maintenance functions to realise the full potential of our asset portfolio.  He is also responsible for development projects. Mr Wong has over 25 years of experience in major residential and commercial projects in Hong Kong and Macau. Prior to joining Link, he was the Assistant General Manager (Head of Project for Hong Kong Operations) at HKR International. He also held various senior positions at Aedas Limited, Wong Tung & Partners, and Kwan and Associates.

Mr Wong holds a BArch and a BA (Architectural Studies) from The University of Hong Kong. He is a Registered Architect and an Authorized Person in Hong Kong and also a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

Being the first commercial development of Link, what are the reasons behind designing The Quayside as a smart and sustainable building? What, in your view, is the key to developers that strives for sustainable future?
At Link, we believe that businesses can move toward a philosophy centred on mutual interdependence with the environment and eco-innovation. Adopting sustainable practices not only helps the environment, but also leads to increased productivity, reduced costs, improved brand image, happier shareholders and countless other benefits.

In addition to some of the more commonly known ways to implement environmentally friendly initiatives, we have been proactively promoting the concept of sustainable development within our company as well as the wider community by working closely with our stakeholders – including investors, vendors, tenants and staff – and encouraging them to formulate long-term sustainability goals and consider sustainability elements from the project planning stage.

With this in mind, we commissioned Arup as our sustainable building design consultant early in the building design process to inject sustainability and intelligent features into the Quayside (TQS), the Group’s first commercial development in Hong Kong. The project emphasises the importance of work-life balance by creating an efficient, eco-friendly and healthy commercial space for building users as well as residents of the Kowloon East district.

We hope that the TQS project can set an example for the industry and community. We also hope it can show that sustainability does not have to be expensive. In fact, the cost of constructing a green building can be greatly reduced as long as the coordination work is done in the early stage of project design.

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