Le Méridien Zhongshan

Located in Gangkou Town of Zhongshan City, Le Méridien Zhongshan is the first five-star destination for business travellers in the North Gate urban area. Rising 100 metres high with 24 storeys, the hotel makes an impressive addition to the local skyline, surrounded by monuments, temples, modern shopping malls and verdant wetland parks.

The interior design approach is to present the cultural glamour of the historic town with a touch of French elegance, as espoused by the brand.

The full-height lobby features dark timber screens that create a solemn, steady style. Flowing patterns on the stone floor turn the lobby into a veritable microcosm of Zhongshan landform of plains, hills and rich water system. Three free-standing reception counters set against grey marble creates an offset to the deep space.

The screening at the foyer resemble the pierced door panels of ancient Zhongshan buildings and is carved from old wood are sourced from Guhe Village. Abstract images of local attractions, such as the Sun Yat Sen Park, the Zhanyuan Garden, Zhongshan Movie Town, the Jinzhong Reservoir and the Xishan Temple, dot the walls. The hanging petal accessory arranged in a random yet orderly way stands for the solidary quality of all Zhongshan people who have contributed to the local history.

The guest rooms are designed with simple lines and clear-cut blocks in subdued colours and plain materials, combining modern design with traditional details to create a calm and comfortable place for guests to rest.

Separating the bathroom and bedroom are translucent grill partitions that connect the two spaces, while making the room seem deeper and airier. — Construction+ Online

Project Name: Le Méridien Zhongshan
Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Completion Date: 2018
Gross Floor Area:
35,327 square metres
Poly-Zhongshan Real Estate Co, Ltd
Design Company: BLVD International
Creative Designer: Honglei Liu
Designers: Yuxin Yang, Yisheng Xing, Zhenyun Luo, Fenghui Chen
Images: En Xiao