Kids Winshare

Multi-functional Classroom 1

Inspired by Joan Miro’s magical painting, organic shapes and forms are seen as key spatial components in this kid’s bookstore bringing the imaginative world to life for a joyful experience in knowledge hunting. Kids and parents can gain a fantastic experience of this unique space that expands their imaginations.

Kids Winshare is a composite bookstore targeting kids aged up to 12. It combines 4 essential programs altogether involving shopping, teaching & learning, dining and socializing, in one space and its layout design is based on an abstract landscape drawn from a series of circles and curves that divides it into two main sections.

In the first section, visitors will encounter an open-plan ‘bookscape’ organized through a series of spiral bookshelves in white and yellow, shaped to display a flow of text & picture books for different ages together with cosy reading pods used to provide opportunities of self-discovery for parents & kids. These oval-shaped transparent reading pods also act as visual openings of the shop front.

In the second section, a dome-shaped theatre integrating 360-degree projections creates an immersive environment for interactive learning, lecturing, book launching events and kids’ party for members. The theatre is surrounded by multi-function classrooms for kids and an all-day family restaurant allowing parents to find their favourite space to relax, read, chat with friends or take part in the cooking workshop. The semi-open classrooms in yellow and baby-blue are designed to remove the barrier between kids and teachers, enabling them to get immersed in a sociable environment that is both stimulating and calm.

In terms of technical challenges, the production of 360 degrees immersive system was the most challenging part which requires the involvement of A/V consultants.

There are various types of materials used in this project including plywood, glass, vinyl floor & spray paint. All of these materials were locally purchased without resorting to overseas sourcing.

It is recommended that parents can spend as much time as possible with their kids there as they both can explore the surprises around this imaginative “bookscape”. More importantly, it is considered a new typology of public space redefining future parentship in China.


Project Name
Kids Windshare
Status of Construction
Completion Date
May 2019
Site Area
1200 sqm
Xinhua Winshare Publishing & Media Co. Ltd
Interior Design Firm
PANORAMA Design Group
Principal Designer
Horace Pan, Wendy Lam, Rachel Wong, katy Lau, SUE, Jianhao Yuan
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
Yong Dai