Huafa Four Seasons Show Flats & Sales Centre

Located in one of Shanghai’s most sought-after districts, the luxury show flats are bathed in a calm and neutral colour palette to bring out their subtle design details.

The main entry features an adaptation of architectural elements from the Art Deco period, such as strong lines, soft curves and elegant finishes. This design feature is also carried throughout the remaining rooms of the large apartment, such as the patterned floor and reflective ceiling. The foyer’s curved walls are wrapped with a reflective and texture covering, while a trendy console table anchors the space.

In the living room area, contrasting dark furniture is framed against light hues to create a sleek spin on the Art Deco glamour, yet maintaining a comfortable and inviting ambience.

Even hidden spaces are taken into consideration. For example, the stairwell is transformed into a reflective modern space with geometric vibes, and the expansive basement is reinvented into an exquisite space for owners to showcase their favourite collections.

The sales gallery establishes the same tone and ambience, but with a simplified contemporary Art Deco feel.

The generous double-height atrium has a black and white floor pattern that transcends to the walls and decorative elements. A sparkling chandelier injects colour and vibrancy, while strategically placed gold elements add enchantment to the entry.

The model space is the attention-grabbing centrepiece of the gallery. To break the monotony of an office-like atmosphere, the design team established a bar counter across the room and a geometric floor pattern that perfectly frames the scale model. The space is illuminated by crystal lighting, which diffuses the light across the centrepiece.

The book bar features an illuminated wall with decorative shelves and lavish furnishings in the centre of the room, while a patterned black iron railing from the second level above adds glamour to the sales centre. — Construction+ Online

Project Name: Huafa Four Seasons Show Flats & Sales Centre
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion Date: April 2016
Gross Floor Area: 1,300 square feet (sales centre)
Client/ Developer: Huafa
Interior Design Firm: Wilson Associates
Design Director: Edmund Kok
Design Team: Hon Yann Luh (project manager); Soong In Hui (senior design manager); Warlie Maneclang (project designer); Teresa Evangelista (senior designer FF&E);
Images: Huafa

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