EVVA AirKey System

Smart phones are everywhere. Its multifunctional can help us in every possible way. But with the latest product introduced by Tung Fat Ho Building Material Ltd (TFH), a leading ironmongery supplier with its innovative and modern door locking control and access control system since its establishment in 1950, it can add a new function to its specification.

AirKey is one of the latest advanced technologies adopted to solve security problem in a modern way. By using the EVVA AirKey System, users can use their smartphone to open the door and issue access authorizations via the Internet. Therefore, the users can maximise their freedom and security in both the professional and private ways.

Using AirKey is beneficial because it is characterized by modular design, enabling it to adapt elongation and simplify the planning. Also it enables the concept and tackles the land problem with Share-Housing and Share-office. The design also contains an eyes catching signal, which is a smart solution for persons with impaired hearing.

Apart from key sending and component sharing, the AirKey has far more function and features than that. The Geotagging function of it allows the AirKey component location to be saved on the AirKey system. Through a smartphone, it guides the user to the component by using a navigation app. Furthermore, the system is also compatible with iPhone.

For the security function, the cloud based is run in 128 encrypt transmission with NFC used by the same technologies by banking (i.e Visa, American Express with the locks). Also, the newest Bluetooth transmission V4.0 technology offers better security.

Tung Fat Ho Building Material Ltd (TFH) is proud to receive The Hong Kong Chinese Import and Export Association- Innovation Excellence Award from Mr. Paul Chan – Financial Secretary of Hong Kong in October 2018 with their latest Access Control high security cylinders AirKey from Austria EVVA. The solutions got the “Innovative Crime Prevention Product 2018” from Hong Kong Security Association (HKSA) which enables customers enjoy security and convenience for new Co-Sharing Business model.

The solutions include door locking components, pad lock and furniture locks with innovative features such as Send a Key, Access Component sharing, Geo-tagging, multi-administration, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy compatible with iPhone. Their new addition Furniture Cam locks will also secure for pharmaceuticals cabinets, Display cabinets, Letterboxes, Lockers and Luxury Retail Cabinets.

With more than 30 years’ experience in Building Ironmongery, Automatic doors and Museum Display specification for Professional clients, their latest addition of EVVA AirKey Access Control system will enable clients enjoy the same security management convenience from Building Envelope to Building interior environment.

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