China’s 1,000-kilometre maglev railway starts in 2020

A super-fast magnetic levitation (maglev) railway in China is expected to start in 2020, Global Construction Review reports. This infrastructure project will span across 1,000 kilometres between Guangzhou and Wuhan. Work will start in Hubei province, Wuhan capital.

The National Railway Administration has released a set of technical standards for this maglev railway on 25 September 2019. The standards unify basic technical requirements, including track gauge and clarified main specifications of maglev trains.

The line will be built by Wuhan-based China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group. Trains will travel at speeds between 600 kilometres per hour and a theoretical maximum of 1,000 kilometres per hour, cutting the 10 hours travelling time between Guangzhou and Wuhan to two.

More ambitious maglev plans are developing. Back in May 2019, China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation completed a factory to make maglev rolling stock in Qingdao. The company hopes to begin serial production of the unit some time in 2021. ― Construction+ Online