CET Wireless linked multiple intelligent lighting

Energy-Saving and Extended LED Lifetime
There is a lot of public lighting such as corridors, staircases, car park and facility rooms in a modern building. There is even more lighting in offices which consume a lot of energy. Much of these lightings are continuously on for 12 hours if not 24 hours a day. However the access to these areas is not frequent. In some places the total access time is only less than 10 per cent of the time so the lighting there is just wasting energy. Large amount of these lightings build up considerable energy bill. On the other hand continuous lighting quickly wears out the LEDs and this increases the maintenance costs. It is most desirable to dim down the lamps when they are not needed. CET presents a range of Multiple Intelligent Lamps to help you solve this problem.

Multiple Intelligent Lighting
CET proudly presents its Multiple Intelligent LED Lamp tubes which can dim automatically when they are not needed. They are master and slave lamps. The master lamp carries a motion sensor which triggers on the lamp when motion is detected. Not only the Master lamp can work alone it can also command Slave lamps nearby in a synchronised manner. Within a range of 20m unobstructed, there can be unlimited number of Slave lamps which follow the command of the Master lamp. This provides effective zone lightning and the zones can be defined by address dip switch setting on the lamps.

In conventional ceiling lamps wiring is expensive and tedious. The CET Multiple Intelligent lamps solve this problem by using wireless technology to link up the Master and Slave lamps. No expensive wiring and associated costs is involved. This also allows versatile zone rearrangement from time to time.

Multiple Triggering
CET Multiple Intelligence Lamps do not only accept signals from a Master lamp, they can also receive commands from different wireless sources. An external motion sensor can also control a zone of lamps in the same way as the Master lamp and provides convenience sensing near to moving object. Lamps can also accept signals from a daylight sensor which dims down the lamps when sunlight is available. This can also incorporate a timer device so daylight sensing takes place in the daytime and motion sensing in the night time. Multiple sensors can command a zone of lamps provided that they have the same address.

Our Honours
CET serves many reputable customers in Hong Kong and overseas. CET products are very well received by our customers. CET received an innovative award in the ARCHIDEX exhibition in Malaysia. The products were much appreciated for the innovative design. CET is also a supplier to the Hong Kong Housing Authority. The product is well received and the Secretary for Transport and Housing led a team of Housing Authority members including the Director of Housing to visit CET’s manufacturing plant in Shenzhen in 2017. The team was deeply impressed by the company’s facilities and quality system.

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